Dr. Amelie Janin is currently the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Mine Life Cycle at the Yukon Research Centre. In January 2017, she will begin her additional role as the professor for the Environmental Protection and Impact Assessment course (RRMT238) at Yukon College.

Dr. Janin specialized in metals chemistry and environmental remediation during her Ph.D. at the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) in Quebec City and as a researcher and the coordinator of a NSERC Collaborative Research Development (CRD) grant at the University of Toronto with Hydro-Quebec.

Since accepting her position as the Industrial Research Chair in Mine Life Cycle in 2013, Amelie's work largely focuses on passive water treatment, constructed wetlands, and bioreactors, as a reclamation option for mine closure in cold climates. Dr. Janin is committed to developing collaborative research projects and sharing her knowledge and research results with industry, communities, First Nations, and applicable government departments.

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