Environmental Protection and Impact Assessment

Environmental and socio-economic effects assessment ensures that the effects of development activities are considered before they happen and that significant adverse effects will be mitigated. Amelie taught this course over the Winter 2017. Through discussions with a series of guest speakers and with the instructor, the students were tasked to reflect on the environmental assessment process in Yukon and to write short essays. The essays have been compiled under one document, which you can find here. 

Course description:

In taking this course, students will gain an understanding of the following aspects associated
with assessments:

  • History and continuing evolution of assessment process.
  • Reasons for conducting assessments
  • Assessment timelines and process.
  • Creating an opportunity for public participation and engaging interested persons in the process.
  • Understanding what information is required, determining the relevance and validity of information and incorporating information into assessments.
  • Creating a recommendation with written reasons.
  • Professional ethics, due diligence and other aspects of professionalism associated with assessment.




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