About Me

Learning alongside students and colleagues often makes my “job” feel more like play than work. I am privileged to have spent time advising, facilitating, mentoring, and learning from diverse student populations in international and northern physical and digital classrooms.

I earned my M.A. in English Literature from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. I also have a B.A. (hons.) in English Literature from St. Mary's University in Halifax, NS, and a B.Ed. in English and Social Sciences from University of Toronto, ON.

At Yukon College, I teach face-to-face and online communication classes, and support faculty in the Information and Technology Learning Commons (ITLC). Making course material relevant and useful for all learners/teachers makes me excited to come to work every day.

If you are interested in connecting to talk about student engagement, critical pedagogy, plain language writing, e-learning, or learning experience design, please reach out.

"Education must begin with the solution of the student-teacher contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that both are simultaneously teachers and students."
Paulo Freire