About Me

Learning alongside students and colleagues often makes my “job” feel more like play than work. I am privileged to have spent time advising, facilitating, mentoring, and learning from diverse student populations in international and northern physical and digital classrooms.

I earned my M.A. in English Literature from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. I also have a B.A. (hons.) in English Literature from St. Mary's University in Halifax, NS, and a B.Ed. in English and Social Sciences from University of Toronto, ON.

At Yukon College, I teach face-to-face and online communication classes, and support faculty in the Information and Technology Learning Commons (ITLC). Making course material relevant and useful for all learners/teachers makes me excited to come to work every day.

If you are interested in connecting to talk about inclusive communication, student engagement, critical pedagogy, plain language writing, humanizing online learning, or open pedagogy, please reach out.

"Education must begin with the solution of the student-teacher contradiction, by reconciling the poles of the contradiction so that both are simultaneously teachers and students."
Paulo Freire