About me

As a member of the Teaching and Learning Team, I support and empower instructors to create, explore, build capacity, and define their own path in their teaching practice.  I love learning about the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching in different disciplines and contexts, and exploring ideas to better support student learning.  I hope that, by creating opportunities for sharing, dialogue and relationship building, we can foster a culture of teaching and learning that celebrates continuous growth and includes many ways of knowing, doing, and being. 
Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of British Columbia (UBC), 2010
Thesis: Design and applications of improved hyphenation and separation strategies for multidimensional biomolecule characterization (Prof. David D.Y. Chen)
B.Sc. in Chemistry, McGill University, 2004
Thesis: Online standard additions calibration of transient signals for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (Prof. Eric D. Salin)
Minor in Italian Studies
Yukon College
Instructor, Teaching and Learning, 2017-present
University of British Columbia
Sessional Instructor, 2016
Science Teaching and Learning Fellow, 2013-2017
Harvard University
NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2011-2013
Focus: Paper-based analytical devices for rapid diagnostic testing in resource-limited environments (Prof. George M. Whitesides)
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Sessional Instructor, 2010