I strive towards coordinating cooperative problem solving through listening and understanding the service outcome. With a focus on growth and continued excellence. 

I was born and raised in South Africa with an amazing younger sister and supportive parents, and have an appreciation for motorcycles and windy roads that inspire the mind to wonder about the endless possibilities around the corner. Over the years I have been blessed to meet wonderful people and have some amazing experiences that have helped shape me.

I completed my four-year study program at the University of Pretoria, and with the support of my family, I obtained my Baccalareus Commerci (Honores) in Accounting  Sciences. I learned the value of patience, persistence and organizational skills during this time.

I was fortunate to meet the love of my life and we got married during my 4th year at University. Learning to grow together through life's unexpected and exciting turns has been truly rewarding.

In order to obtain my Chartered Accountant designation I completed three years with a smaller audit firm and gained experience in providing a wide range of accounting, tax and auditing services.

I was offered an auditing position with Deloitte, and we decided to go on a once in a lifetime three-month guided road trip from Cairo to Cape Town before moving to Canada. I have always taken any opportunity to slow down and appreciate the many beautiful and diverse landscapes there is to see!

During my four years in Edmonton, AB and Langley, BC I learned to actively listen to clients, and always be curious and verify information through analytical thinking.

An amazing opportunity led me to go North for six months, and as many "imported Northeners" the call of the North was magestic and we just stayed! I had an incredible nine years working in Finance, with the dedicated people at Yukon Housing Corporation. During this time I learned the importance of team work, and how much can be accomplished when teams are passionate about the clients and the services being provided.

Growing up in South Africa it was always so evident to me that communities with little to no access to basic education were struggling the most. And I have always had a passion to ensure education be the centre of most discussions. I have proudly sponsored children through World Vision, they give children in marginalized communities the opportunity to complete their school diploma.

Therefore, I was quite excited to take on the challenging role at the Yukon College during a time of transition to a hybrid University. This will give Northeners access to more opportunities to build and shape the future of our communities and people.

Lastly, my role at the Yukon College is to provide leadership and guidance on financial, compliance and risk management matters to staff, Senior Executive and the Board of Governors to ensure students are supported and accountability to key stakeholders.