Stephen Mooney is a Canadian technology and innovations specialist who guides the development, commercialization and export of sustainable housing technologies.

As the Director of Northern Housing Innovation at the Yukon College, Mooney promotes the practical application of Housing technologies for subarctic regions around the world. The main areas of research for Housing Innovation include: Building Science Research, Construction Technology and Techniques, In-house Technologies and Policy.

Stephen has a Master’s Science, Management & Leadership and has been certified in Professional Project Management where he has used these skills in R&D, telecommunications, software development, construction and marketing. Stephen is a fomer Board member for the National Research Council of Canada.

Prior to his position with Yukon College, Mooney spent seven years working in the field of telecommunications. During that time, he worked in product development, project management and marketing while designing and pricing various technologies across northern Canada. He also spent half a decade developing and implementing computer software throughout the United States.

Raised in the Yukon, Stephen has a passion for wilderness and a respect for the resilience of those residing in northern climates. “It gives me great satisfaction supporting Northerners to develop their ideas into innovative products that will help both Yukoners and northerners around the globe”.